Docufiction. 4-channel. 26:51'

CIVIL DUSK traces the housebuilding tradition of Igbo sons - once through the eyes of Igbo children in a European apartment, watching their father come undone, and once through voices of a Nigerian village, in which houses keep rising.

World premiere: CPH:DOX 2022

Götterdämmerung, 2021. 7", fiction. 

After a burial in the Mediterranean Sea, a wealthy communities' yacht runs aground.

Co-directed with Faraz Shariat, 

DP Nicolai Niermann.

2020 Europa im Film - Jury Award 

2021 Max Ophüls Preis, Short Film Competition 

2021 Athens International Film and Video Festival 

2021  Filmkunstfest MV, Short Film Competition 

2021 CICLOPE Festival - New Talent In Direction (Shortlist), Low Budget (Shortlist)

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